New Jersey Colored Concrete Stamping

In New Jersey, colored concrete stamping has been practiced for many years. Hub City Construction, under the guidance of its founder, Lazlo Salamon and his son Robert, has perfected this art.

For new concrete construction projects like pools, patios, walkways, driveways or decorative steps, colored concrete stamping is the answer. Concrete has the versatility to be a cost-effective and therefore better option than stone, brick, slate, tiles or even wood, which are far more expensive. A process of embossing or texturing the concrete will yield a final product that closely resembles the object in its natural state.

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Stamped Concrete Design Options

There are three possible changes that can be brought to bear on stamped concrete:

  • A base color can be added this color reflects that of the natural product. It comprises a powder pigment added as a hardener, either to the entire batch of concrete or as a cast-on which only colors the surface of the product.
  • An accent color is added this is a secondary color producing the texture of the final product. A color release agent does the job and prevents the stamp from sticking to the concrete.
  • Stamping on the pattern this imitates the shape of the natural building product. It is done by imprinting the concrete shortly after it has been poured. The intention is to look as much like the original building product as possible. Stamping can range from very simple to enormously creative designs.

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So, if you are in the New Jersey area and you are looking at a new concrete construction project, whether it is a driveway up to your new home; or a pathway to your pool; or a new, paved patio for your entertainment area, look no further than New Jersey Concrete contractor, Hub City Construction. Experts in their field, they guarantee satisfaction.

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