Concrete Foundations

Whatever your building construction plans are in New Jersey, when it comes to laying foundations, you need expert advice. After all, this is literally what you are building on! Seek us out at Hub City Construction before you start, so that you can be sure of starting off right. Concrete foundations can be shallow or deep, depending on the nature of the final project. Shallow design foundations are about three foot deep with concrete pads spreading out under the frost line and transferring the load from the walls to the earth. Sometimes this transfer of load is done by means of a solid slab of concrete.

Foundation contractors will sometimes recommend deeper foundations, which are more complex structures and are used when there are poor soil conditions, as on a hillside or in a threatened flood area, where the whole construction will need to be raised. There are a variety of deeper foundations, which can be made from a combination of wood, steel, or reinforced concrete. These sometimes even penetrate the bedrock, so the expert assistance which the team at Hub City Construction will give you, is absolutely essential. This is not a do-it-yourself project!

Options When Considering a Concrete Foundation

Some thought should be given to whether you want the addition of a filtered drainage system or radiant floor heating, which will need to be completed during this stage of the building. We will also be able to assist you with this as well as with the pouring of concrete foundation slabs and the installation of sill and concrete sealers to inhibit moisture and hot or cold air.

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Remember always that your building construction will only ever be as good as the foundation you have started with, so look us up at Hub City Construction for all the expert advice and assistance that you need. We will do it for you.

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