Concrete Overlaying and Staining

If you live in the New Jersey area and want to try something different to convert your concrete walls or pathways, why not look at decorative concrete? This is the name for the end result of a number of processes that can transform concrete from its generally perceived functional form into something that is eye-catchingly attractive while still performing its intended function as a floor, or a wall, or a patio or any number of other uses. Two such processes that are performed include acid or water based staining and decorative overlays.

Concrete Staining Options

Acid staining involves a chemical reaction, rather than dye or a pigment based coloring process. The surface of the concrete is coated with a very small amount of the highly corrosive muriatic acid in combination with mineral salts. This reacts with the minerals in the concrete resulting in colors of an earth tone being left on the surface of the concrete. To restore the pH balance, the concrete is washed with an ammonia solution. The resultant look is uniquely mottled. In contrast to the reaction caused by acid staining, water based staining functions more like a coating which bonds with the concrete.

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Concrete Overlays

Overlays also vary, from thin pre-mixed concrete overlays which are impressed by means of rubber imprinting tools, to acrylic resins which bond with worn concrete surfaces to result in a newly resurfaced coating.

Then, about twenty years ago polymer cement overlays were introduced using Portland cements, aggregates and polymer resins. These overlays had the advantage of being far more hard-wearing and resistant to damage from the weather, traffic, salt or petrochemicals. They are also far more decorative and can be used for interior and exterior uses.

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In New Jersey your first choice if you wanted to employ craftsmen to perform either of these processes on your existing concrete paving, you should definitely seek out the services of Hub City Construction, the father and son team of Lazlo and Robert Salamon, who have for many years combined a unique blend of traditional European building experience with all the technological advancement known to the building trade.

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