Concrete Construction in New Jersey

In New Jersey concrete construction circles, what do the following objects have in common: patios, pools, walkways, driveways, retaining walls and foundations?

That's right Hub City Construction Concrete Contractors. They are the first and last - word when it comes to any new concrete construction you want done in New Jersey.

Since its conception in 1970 by founding father, Lazlo Salamon, and continuing since his son Robert joined the company, Hub City Construction has prided itself on the traditional craftsmanship of Europe coupled with the latest trends and technological advances available, to offer reliable workmanship in the area of any new concrete construction desired in New Jersey whatever the size of the project.

Concrete has become the most used construction product in the world. A composite product, concrete comprises cement aggregate (which includes bits of crushed rock like limestone or granite and other products like fly ash and slag) as well as sand, water and some chemical admixtures.

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Flexible Applications, But Strong & Durable

Through a process called hydration, concrete will harden after water is added, resulting in a tough, bonded component with the properties of stone. New concrete constructions differ somewhat from those employed in the early Roman days in that they are stronger (because of reinforcements), but also in that the mix is able to be poured into shapes allowing greater versatility of use for new projects.

The chemical admixtures mentioned above include accelerants or retarders to aid or slow down the hydration process according to the requirements of the end product. Other qualities that can be enhanced - like workability - are obtained through the addition of plasticizers. Finally, the aesthetic properties of the concrete are increased through the addition of pigments to change the color. It is this last quality that is so often seen in the stamped concrete products for which Hub City Construction is so well known in New Jersey.

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